Farmer's Own Organic Fertiliser

Organic biological fertiliser designed for agricultural land application.

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Farmer’s Own is the product of Organic BioPower’s proprietary anaerobic digestion system, building on a natural process where microorganisms break down organic material in the absence of oxygen. This process creates two products: energy and Farmer’s Own Organic Fertiliser. The gases resulting from anaerobic digestion are used to create renewable energy, and the organic material is processed into Farmer’s Own Organic Fertiliser.

Our fertiliser

Farmer’s Own is an organic biological fertiliser that provides trace minerals and micronutrients to feed your soil's biology.

The nutrients and readily available nitrogen in Farmer’s Own Organic Fertiliser underpin healthy plant growth.

Farms need crop management solutions that are reliable and cost-effective will give farmers and their families a competitive advantage by delivering the strong yields and stable soils they expect.